On October 5th
Today, despite calls for justice and atonement, we live in a system where justice is no longer delayed, it is denied.
The final SORNA edition addressing Congress’s legislative power and the laws it enacts that profoundly impact millions of individuals, families, and co…
How SCOTUS limited the Fourteenth Amendment and Congress got creative with the Commerce Clause
Congress often uses the Commerce Clause to justify its enactment of federal criminal law. How does that sit with you?
What the heck happened?
It's sweeping nature triggers nearly all of the issues discussed thus far, and, while the exact numbers are a challenge to discern, SORNA impacts aroun…
Everything is and always has been up for debate, most especially Congressional powers.
Much like an accordion, Congress’s power has expanded and contracted over the last two hundred years
How the Constitution is interpreted, and who the interpreters are, has life-altering, even fatal, consequences for people.
And a request to keep spreading the word
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