Amy, I think you need to claim your power. You are a fantastic person with an amazing ability to express. Your expression sounds frustrated. I’m hoping part 2 is practical and about how you are moving forward.

I found the article in footnote 1 inspiring and put words to some of my observations from a year of volunteer teaching. I liked your article, but liked that essay more. (It happens to fall in line with some of my current interests-education).

One big concern—the article was written awhile ago, referring to the 2000s as hopeful because of an influx of teachers to under privileged areas.—in my recent experience with computer science Ed, there’s all sorts of talk about equity, but there’s an elepha—blue whale in the room, beached and dying: we undervalue, underpay, overwork, under support our teachers. The students in the article, the underprivileged, and their teachers need the support of social workers and smaller classes and less bs overhead. Many teachers I have spoken to recently in Computer Science are considering leaving for private school positions or going into Ed Tech. Ed Tech careers fly in the face of the articles Point that education’s foundation is the humanization of students and the student/teacher (parent/admin) relationship!!

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